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Diversify your revenue with insurance

Stand out in a crowded market by offering extra protection for your customers’ wallets.

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Help your customers further protect their digital assets

Billions of dollars in value has been lost to crypto theft, just in the past few years. Offering crypto wallet insurance can reassure your customers that they’re protected from loss, even in the event of a breach.

Differentiate your platform

Crypto has exploded in popularity, and customers have more options than ever for storing or trading their digital assets. The added security of crypto wallet insurance gives you another advantage against your competitors, and can help show customers why they should choose you.

Build predictable recurring revenue

Insurance premiums are regular, scheduled revenue. While transaction-based revenue may fluctuate with trading volume, insurance is a predictable source of income that can help you forecast future revenue with greater fidelity.

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Crypto assets are increasingly a target for theft. Offer your customers even greater security by making it easy to insure their crypto assets through your platform, with the market’s first insurance product for retail crypto wallet holders.
How Crypto PlatformsUse Boost
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