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Uplevel your clients’ risk management

Connect your clients with insurance protection against cyber threats.

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Expand your risk mitigation suite

Cybercrime is on the rise, and any business could be affected. Offering cyber insurance to your clients makes it easy for them to access additional protection against loss from cyber attacks.

Strengthen customer engagement

Increase customer retention by adding a complementary insurance product that adds value and keeps the customer in your ecosystem.

Build a new line of recurring revenue

Offering insurance right from your website makes it easy for your customers to purchase a policy, and increases your bottom line.

BOOST FOR Cybersecurity

How Cybersecurity Businesses Use Boost

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Cybersecurity firms
Your customers already trust you with their digital security. Expand your portfolio and help them further mitigate their risk with insurance against cyberattacks.
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Cloud platforms
Your services are critical to your customers’ business growth. Help them protect themselves against potentially large losses and business interruption from cyber threats.
How CybersecurityUse Boost
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